Clinical Dermatology

Scar and Stretch Mark Removal

For many, finding a Stretch Marks Removal Treatment that works can become an obsession. Frustrated after trying every lotion and potion without success. We at Bliss understand and relate to that we provide customized in clinic procedures to deliver the best results.

Stretch marks are a common problem faced by both men and women. They can appear post weight loss/gain and are often suffered by women post pregnancy.

Some skin types are more susceptible to stretch marks than others and for some patients the marks can be quite noticeable as raised white or red lines found on the arms, stomach, thighs or breast area. Many people can feel self-conscious about stretch marks, meaning they don’t feel able to wear revealing clothes or swimwear.

Many of us also have a scar that we would like to reduce the appearance of which are a result of an operation, acne, skin grafting or from an injury to the skin. Our Customized Scar removal treatment can effectively reduce the redness and their appearance within a couple of weeks


  • Visible improvements from the first 45-minute course of stretch mark treatment.
  • The treatment is non-invasive with virtually no recovery time necessary; you can resume your normal activities immediately after treatment.
  • Improved confidence due to reduced appearance of stretch marks.
  • The Genuine treatments we provide are suitable for all skin tones and types
  • It naturally stimulates the skin to repair itself creating a thicker and healthier appearance
  • Treatments are carried out by our fully qualified Cosmetic Dermatologist and Aesthetic Practitioners who are specially trained and highly experienced in carrying out the treatment.