Clinical Dermatology


What is Periodontal Disease?
Periodontal Disease is a major cause of tooth loss. It is a progressive disease and once affected you are always susceptible to further disease and will normally always require periodontal maintenance treatment. Not everyone is susceptible but if you are, you will need to have a more stringent preventative programme to avoid problems. As disease state worsens, treatment increases in amount, complexity and cost.

How I can help you?
Periodontal disease is the number one area for dental negligence claims as it is often poorly managed in general practice.

The scientific knowledge in this subject is rapidly growing and keeping abreast of all the advances requires a lot of dedication, attendance on courses/ conferences and studying of scientific publications.

By far the mainstay of Periodontal Disease treatment is non-surgical cleaning below the gumline. In conjunction with this I use a state of the art dental laser to further reduce the bacterial load to gain even better results for my patients. Audited data of our patients show that on average, the number of deep periodontal pockets will half after only one round of non- surgical debridement with me. A full year’s course of treatment, often sees all pockets reduce to within normal ranges.

There are cases where more advanced techniques are required, these include:
• Surgery to access awkward surfaces beneath the gumline
• Removal of single roots from molars
• Splitting a molar into 2 units so it is easier to clean
• Shaping the area where roots join in molars to make them easier to clean
• Regenerative procedures to try and encourage new bone growth
• Soft tissue graft procedures.
• Reduction of soft tissue that is impeding cleaning
Whilst it is always important to know your own limits and refer onto further specialists as required, I am very well qualified to offer these treatments to our patient base when required within the practice setting.