Clinical Dermatology

PRP Therapy

This technique involves collecting a sample of your own blood and separating its components through a centrifugation process in order to isolate and concentrate your platelets into the plasma. This substance is called 'Platelet Rich Plasma'.

The Autologous-PRP obtained in this way can be used in a pure format or activated by adding calcium gluconate or autologous thrombin serum (ATS) before being injected through superficial and deep transdermal injections.

Inside your skin, platelets contained in A-PRP release growth factors at a slightly increased concentration compared with normal blood. This stimulates deep cell processes, resulting in increased cell activity, producing components, such as collagen and elastin fibers, which are responsible for the elastic properties of the skin.

Expected benefits are an increase of skin elasticity with smoothing of fine wrinkles and a skin tint improvement. PRP treatments also allow the filling of deeper wrinkles and folds.

PRP is a safe treatment because it uses platelets that are derived from a sample of your own blood.