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Get a bright smile and beautiful teeth with braces.
Neat and aesthetic appearance has more and more significance in our everyday life. Through orthodontic treatment not only aesthetic problems, but malocclusion like crooked or crowded teeth, overbites or under bites, incorrect jaw position and disorders of the jaw can be corrected. In addition, the long-term result of the treatment will have a positive impact on your private- and business relationship and self-esteem.

Why choose orthodontic treatment?
Without braces:
• uneven, crowded, protruded teeth, affecting your physical appearance and leading to tooth decay in the long run.
• gap between the teeth accelerates the development of plaque between the teeth eventually leading to tooth decay.
• Open- or cross bite makes effective chewing difficult and can cause excessive wear or damage on the teeth where the crossover occurs.

With braces:
• You can achieve both outstanding oral health and a confident, stunning smile which improves your social relationships.
• braces help you avoid problems such as tooth decay, as straight teeth are easier to clean.
• Braces improve your bite as the load on your teeth is uniformly distributed.
• Chewing becomes more efficient which facilitates digestion.
• You may improve your oral hygiene.

Choose experience & professionalism, choose Bliss Skin and Dental for your orthodontic treatment
• highly qualified orthodontists with many years of international experience
• carefully planned and executed treatments
• orthodontic treatment begins with a thorough and comprehensive dental examination
• we choose the best, most suitable orthodontic treatment for you during a comprehensive consultation
• we use the most advanced technology to ensure that each brace is customized to fit precisely over your teeth
• we can help you restore your bright smile and improve your appearance at an affordable price

Orthodontic treatment options
Choose the most suitable solution:

External braces                                                                         
Traditional orthodontics in a modern way
• available for both children and adults
• shorter treatment time
• easy to clean

Internal braces                                                                         
Efficient and less noticeable than external braces
• fitted on the back surface of your teeth making them virtually invisible
• you make fewer visits to the orthodontist
• small and comfortable to wear

Invisible braces                                                                         
Efficient and invisible
• invisible, thin, transparent, virtually invisible plastic covers the teeth
• allows you to remove the device before you brush your teeth
• quick and effective results
• Invisalign aligners are extremely comfortable to wear